Welcome To Stuart Lock Services

Stuart Lock Services provides a service to the Irish woodworking market, in particular to the people who have purchased any brand of machinery from Homag UK or Cloos UK.

Homag CNC Machine

With a combined experience of 19 years in the industry, providing customer care and personalised after sales care, Stuart Lock has realised that there is an opportunity in the Irish market place to put his knowledge, skill and expertise to use.

The Homag Name

HomagHomag Machinery is a world renowned brand. Customers who buy into Homag Machinery expect a professional and experienced backup service to be available at reasonable cost with a fast, reliable return time. The use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machinery for manufacturers has become increasingly popular in the Irish market; this has been highly evident in recent years in the various trade shows held in both the UK and Ireland. There has been a reliable conversion in sales for CNC machinery since 2010. With the growth in this area, comes the ever increasing need to have reliable backup service.

Our Objective

The objective of Stuart Lock Services is to provide a personalised support service to all existing customers and to provide potential customers with the assistance they require when purchasing machinery for their business. Services that are available to clients include:

  • Machine Servicing
  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Custom Integration
  • Back-up and After Sales Support

There has always been a support service available to Irish customers, the majority of this has been covered remotely from the UK. The result of this is that Irish customers are paying higher prices for their servicing and maintenance due to the travelling expense of a machine expert from the UK.  Stuart Lock Services provides this much needed service to the Irish customer base, nationwide. Stuart Lock Services is also available to provide services to the UK market place as required.

Watch The videos!

Get a glimpse of what some of the machines we provide are able to achieve with amazing accuracy.

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Got A Question?

Built upon many years of experience in the industry, Stuart Lock is able to answer all of your questions. Or you can call him on 086 8923921.

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A Positive Reputation

Since 2005, Stuart Lock has built up expertise and knowledge on the various types of machinery available to the woodworking industry both in Ireland and the UK. Backed by a positive reputation with the suppliers he has worked with and a recommendation from the customers he has provided for, you can be sure that Stuart Lock Services has what it takes to be your reliable partner in CNC woodworking machinery.